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Cure My Hair Loss is one of Europe’s leading clinics in treating hair loss. We offer topicals to treat hair loss in men and women – and oral Finasteride is also available (for men only).

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Boost your Hair Growth

Do you suffer from male pattern hair loss and would you like to get help from professionals? Then you’re in luck. 

Hair loss is a problem which affects more than half of the male population. Most men start to lose their hair in their early 20s and 30s.

Fortunately, there is a solution! If you’re interested in getting help from professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cure My Hair Loss is one of Europe’s leading clinics in treating male pattern hair loss.

We offer online consultations and treat our patients from all over Europe by use of prescribed medicine, including Finasteride and topicals.

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In this short introduction, we’ll tell you more above how to treat a male pattern hair loss using Finasteride.

Combining Finasteride with topicals can even further increase your likelihood of success.

Treating male baldness with a combination of oral Finasteride and topicals can give excellent results with new hair growth

34-year old man before treatment applying Finasteride and topicals

1.5 yr after starting treatment

Why most men start losing their hair

The most common form of hair loss in men is androgenic hair loss, better know as male baldness or ‘androgenic thinning’.

This type of hair loss is caused by too high levels of a male sex hormone with powerful androgenic action, called dihydrotestosterone (or DHT for short).

High concentrations of DHT in the scalp affects the hair follicles, so they start to miniaturize. This means that:

  • The hairs get smaller and thinner
  • The growth phase of each individual hair follicles gets shorter
  • Hair shedding is accelerated
  • Time duration from hair shedding to new hair formation is increased

This process is illustrated in the figure below. As shown in the figure, the terminal hairs are miniaturized due to the negative influence of DHT. The result is hair thinning and can lead to complete male baldness.

DHT negative influence on hair miniaturization

Figure 1: The male sex hormone DHT is responsible for male baldness. It results in miniaturization of hair follicles, so they get smaller and thinner.

Men with high levels of DHT in the scalp usually develop extensive hair loss.

Fortunately, the progress of the disease can be ceased by use of different medicals, including oral medication and topicals.

The best treatment to stop a progressive hair loss in most patients is a combination of oral Finasteride and topicals.

Some patients, though, are only interested in topical treatment.

What topicals do we use to treat hair loss?

Our topicals include anti-androgens and vasodilators which increase the blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Composition of topicals is individualized to make the perfect fit for each individual patient.

How to apply the topical hair therapy?

You should apply the topicals twice daily in the area of the scalp where you’d like to get new hair growth.

Applying the topicals directly on the skin surface, allows for better absorption of the medications.

When absorbed, the ingredients work on the hair follicles and stimulate hair regrowth.

1-2 ml should be applied daily to achieve the best results.

Which types of hair loss can be treated using topicals?

The bests results are seen when combining oral Finasteride and topicals – especially when treating androgenic hair loss in men aged 20-50 years who suffers from:

  • Mild to moderate hair loss
  • Androgenic thinning

Moderate to good results can also be achieved in women who suffer from:

  • Hair loss due to androgens (Polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Diffuse thinning

These types of hair loss cannot be cured by topicals

  • Alopecia areata
  • Scarring hair loss due to a skin disease

How does topicals restore hair growth?

We use a variety of ingredients in our topical hair products typically including anti-androgens and vasodilators (including Minoxidil). 

Some of the mechanisms of action are:

  • Lower DHT levels locally in the scalp and around the hair follicles
  • Competitively blocking DHT from binding to its receptors in the hair follicle
  • Increase duration of hair growth
  • Increase thickness of each individual hair so the hair gets thicker.
  • Shortens time from hair shedding to new hair growth
  • Increase blood circulation and delivery of oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles

What are the benefits of topical hair regrowth therapy?

There are lots of benefits using topicals to treat a hair loss, including:

  • The treatment is well-tolerated
  • Few or no side effects
  • The hair grows thicker
  • A good alternative in men who experience side effects when treated with oral Finasteride


The best hair growth results, nevertheless, comes when combining topicals and medicals for oral use such as oral Finasteride.

When will the hair loss treatment work?

Usually, minor new hairs begin to show after 2-3 months of treatment.

Since hairs are slowly growing, the full effect of treatment can be expected after 10-13 months of treatment.

How long does the result last?

If the treatment is stopped, hair shedding will be obvious within 2-4 months.

Therefore, you should continue the treatment if you’d like the result to last.

How long should I keep using the topicals?

For the results to last, the medication should be applied twice daily.

If ceased, hair shedding will occur after 2-4 months.

Online consultation

Before commencing your medical treatment using oral Finasteride, you should see one of your hair specialists for an online consultation.

Before your online consultation, you are provided with the following:

  1. A questionnaire concerning your health
  2. Online webinar
  3. Written information about oral Finasteride

To book your online consultation, you should return the signed health questionnaire and photographs of your hair loss by e-mail.

Thereafter, an appointment will be scheduled for your online consultation. Doing your online consultation your medical record and photographs of your hair loss will be thoroughly examined by one of our medical hair loss professionals.

If you have any questions, you’ll have great support from the medical hair loss professional during your online consultation and after when treatment has commenced.

Why choose us as your
hair specialist?

When you choose us as your hair specialists, you do not only get a ‘state of the art‘-treatment. You’ll also get:

  • Professional medical evaluation of your hair loss before any treatment is started
  • Advise from your own personal hair expert every time you contact us
  • Follow up during treatment to keep track of your progress


Are you still in doubt? Please download your free online webinar and learn more about hair loss and our treatments.

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It is important for you to understand that the earlier you get started with your hair loss treatment, the better the results.

The best results are achieved by combining oral Finasteride and topicals.

Book an online consultation today and let’s help you defeat your hair loss. At our hair clinic, our hair specialists evaluate your hair loss and provide you with the best advises based on your health profile and extent of your hair loss.

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