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Hair loss treatments that work and treatments that don't

You might wanna know how to treat your hair loss…! Which treatments work, and which don’t…?

Well, there is a jungle out there! Let’s help you to get a quick overview and learn more about the different hair loss treatments, click here...

All About Male Hair Loss

Genetics play a huge role in a progressive male pattern hair loss (better known as ‘androgenic thinning’).

To understand how to treat it, you should know the basics…

Click here to learn all you need to know about hair loss in men


Treating ‘androgenic baldness’ in men with Finasteride, can cure hair loss in most men…

Click here to learn more about treating hair loss in men with oral Finasteride

Topicals for hair loss

At Cure My Hair Loss, we use topicals to treat hair loss in both men and women.

The products might include anti-androgens and vasodilators such as Minoxidil.

Click here to learn more about topicals to treat hair loss

Want to get started...?

Please, don’t make the decision that hard… keep on waiting, will not make your hair start regrow all by itself…

The Team

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Medical Doctor U. Knap, hair loss expert.

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