About Dr. Knap

Doctor U. Knap is a dermatologist from Denmark.

He has special skills in medical treatment of hair loss, laser treatment of acne & scar tissue, stretch marks and surgical scars.

Also he has a great interest in the treatment of skin diseases in general, both medically, with laser and IPL.

He also actively participate in international, European and national courses and congresses in plastic surgery and skin diseases.

Besides he has a research background and is lecturing in skin diseases and surgical techniques.

“I want to be able to offer the best advice and treatment for each individual patient, both surgically and medically, based on a solid scientific background.”

Dr. Knap

Doctor Ulrik Knap, MD
Medical doctor, U. Knap


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Dr. Knap, Hair Loss Expert

Dr. Knap is one of the very few absolute experts in the field of hair loss treatment. His medical background and subspecialization in hair loss in both men and women make him a valuable team member in our clinic.